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All Natural, Allergy Free Healthy Foods

Holiday Ham Season is Back!

With the start of winter weather, we once again find ourselves greeted with another holiday ham season for the holidays! All of our hams are all natural, fully cooked, and crafted from animals raised humanely that are fed a vegetarian diet and free of added antibiotics. They are also always wood smoked and seasoned with a special blend of spices. To decide which ham would best suit your needs, view our Seasonal Products page that describes each ham and their attributes. For information on heating instructions, serving sizes and carving tutorials please visit our Holiday Hams page!

Spread Holiday Wishes of Wellness with the Wellshire Family

All Natural Hams Really Taste Better.

Wellshire Holiday Hams are not only moist, tender, and flavorful. They are healthy. Our family only sells hams made with 100% all natural ingredients – none of that over processed stuff. Wellshire Holiday Hams are always free of gluten, artificial preservatives, artificial ingredients, nitrates and nitrites. Our family only sells hams we are comfortable feeding our own children. Our holiday hams are the healthiest options for families’ with special dietary requirements, allergies, and food intolerances. Wellshire hams are for anyone wishing to make a healthy lifestyle change this holiday season. Jumpstart your year to eat healthy with the Wellshire family! We offer a variety of authentic ham options. After trying our hams, everyone will surely rage over our tasty meets healthy recipes. Delicious, enjoyable flavor absolutely does not have to be compromised for better health, but don’t let us tell you. Let your family and friends judge for themselves. Wellshire Holiday Hams will never let you down. Just be sure to give us credit when everyone is happy and smiling at dinner…

Choosing Your Perfect Holiday Ham

Families come in all shapes and sizes, so do our hams. Wellshire has holiday hams made in a variety of cuts because your family deserves the perfect portion. We have options like whole ham, spiral sliced, semi-boneless, boneless, or glazed. We want your family to find a Wellshire ham to fit your holiday feast.
All Wellshire holiday hams are gluten-free and fully-cooked. Wellshire provides heating instructions on every ham. They heat, serve, and taste like a fancy centerpiece of homemade wonderment. Have we mentioned how convenient holiday dinner plans will be? Did we also forget to mention Wellshire hams are made from humanely raised pigs? These pigs are fed a vegetarian diet free of added antibiotics or growth promoting hormones.

How Does Your Family Share Wellshire?

Holidays are seasonal markers reminding us to celebrate life: Make the time. Take the Trip. Visit a friend. Share a smile. These are all reasons Wellshire loves the holiday season. It's a time for making momories. Our family wants your family to share your Wellshire moments! Send us a picture or video showing how your family shares quality time with Wellshire and we will mail a gift to someone of your choosing. Please email submissions to jovana@wellshirefarms.com. Quick! Get your kids, your mom, your grandpa, the neighbor, or a friend involved while supplies last.

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