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Many stores today have entirely too many products on their shelves with artificial ingredients. Not only that, but many people, especially children are allergic to these additives and preservatives causing mental and physical health problems. Food intolerances are related to the weakening of the immune system. When the weaknesses become chronic, that is when an allergy may develop. By eating our meat products as part of your everyday diet, you can control and prevent many food allergies that may have an adverse effect on you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wellshire prevent cross-contamination between products?
Products that are allergen free are produced in the beginning of each day. Although many of our products are made at the same facilities, there is a full clean up between each product. There is a complete hot water rinse and sanitation of equipment before and after each product is processed which removes proteins from the proceeding items. Unique, color-coded utensils are also used per allergen to avoid any transfer of proteins. Furthermore, this practice meets the USDA regulations, coupled with a strictly followed, very comprehensive allergen program.
What do natural flavorings and/or spices consist of in Wellshire products?
The natural flavorings and/or spices you see in our ingredients are proprietary recipe information. There is no added MSG in any of our products. 
*If you have an allergen concern regarding our natural flavorings and/or spices, please contact, where one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.